Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas is coming!

The call has gone forth for the TooFatLardies 2012 Christmas special. Looking around at what I had to offer, I found some work I had done on one of the predecessors of Dux Britannarium.

I put together three scenarios with some minor adaptions for Dux in the Viking age. Two of the scenarios are historical/legendary in nature. The first features a terrain element that I am sure everyone has laying around their garage - a beached whale. The scenario features combat on top of the beastie.

The second is the for the Battle of Heavenfield in the 600s AD. The last is a completely fictional encounter between two Viking bands on the high seas.

I love the TFL specials. Click here for past specials. It gives anyone a chance to be creative and get published. It also provides wargamers with a wealth of information, scenarios and in some cases whole rule sets. Always a fantastic value.

I must be slacking off. Last year I had 2 articles for the special. This summer, I did not submit anything. Oh well. I guess I am slowing down.

So come on. Dust off your pens. Contribute to the effort. Write something for the special.


  1. I agree the Specials are great. Now that I can read them in my iPad I take my collection everywhere and read some articles when I'm between meetings or traveling

  2. Once Q13 comes out, I can imagine I will be writing something about adapting it to Japanes inspired mecha action games.I've held off writing about Lardifying BattleTech, because ultimately it was still BattlTech, and I felt this was probably little interest to most Lardies.

    Anyway, if they were interested they could read what I've been doing on my blog. Its not exactly secret.

    1. I have been following what you are doing over there (http://panther6actual.blogspot.com). Very interesting. I have been interested in battletech but it seems expensive to get started into. Is there a smaller scale that one can get started with?