Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's on your painting table?

I had another few hours to paint last night and got busy on my Romano-British for the Dux Britainarium rules. I really love the miniatures from Splintered Light but for some reason, the Romano-Brits have not captured my imagination the way the Saxons did. I have been finding painting these to be rather tedious rather than fun. Anyway, it got me to thinking. How many projects is it normal to have on one's painting table at any one time?

First, I had what I was actively painting - My Romano-British Infantry. I have painted up 20 levy troops from Khurasan on a previous session. They still need to be based and varnished but are mostly done. Next are my group of 4 archers from Splintered Light. I like these guys ok and they were fun to paint. Last night, I spent my time on some command elements for this bunch. Two officer looking figures, a standard bearer, a musician and a priest. All Splintered Light. The priest actually comes from the Pict Command pack but David over at Splintered Light got me this figure without the Pict Command pack. These were very tedious to me. And I don't know why. The priest is a great figure with a big cross around his neck and a tonsured head. His hand is held up but you can't quite tell how many fingers he is holding up. That one was fun. The others are great minis. I like them now that they are painted but I hates painting them. I think it has to do with the shields. I attempted to do a Chi-Rho on them but ended up redoing it several times. Still not happy but I am not sure I can do better.

You should be able to make out what I am working on. The front row are the heavy infantry. These are barely started. The next three rows are the medium infantry - all spear and shield armed. Only primed so far. The next 4 rows are my levy infantry. Pitch forks, staves, cudgels, scythes and a couple throwing rocks are in this bunch. Next is the command set I worked on last night. Lastly are the four archers.

I want some more variety for my levy troops. The Khurasan pack was great. Five poses divided among 20 figures. But I want some more variety. Has anyone seen or own any of the Two Dragons 15mm peasants? see here I am thinking of some of these but they come in packs of 10. Are they the same pose for all 10? Some are rather specific such as the bald fat man with eyepatch. How many of those could I possibly want? Surely not 10 of them. Any other recommendations out there?

Next on the painting table are the rest of my Romano-British troops. I have a spare figure or two to round out the heavy infantry, a Druid/Merlin type figure and the leader in both mounted and dismounted poses. Splintered Light also has a Moorish looking fellow in their command pack. Was there a Moor in the Arthurian Legends? I must admit to not being up on it that well. Cornwall had a Moor following Arthur in his series. But I sure don't remember that from the stories when I was a boy. Not that I would remember anyway.

Anyway, I have not even gotten around to priming these guys yet.

Next up in the queue are more WWI Russians. These are Peter Pig miniatures their firing pack and their MMG packs. I just got these in last week and only managed to glue them to the painting stick last night.

Next up are some Saxon Cavalry. The middle row are figures from Outpost Games. The others are Splintered Light. Love these figures. The mounted Outpost command pack has a really nice banner that is suitably ominous looking with the skull at the top. Not sure how practical it would be for a cavalry banner as that had to get heavy fast. Not like they had vacuformed plastic back then to make it lighter. I have finished the two figures furthest away from the camera. The middle two are half way there. The front rank is undone other than priming.

Lastly are some figures that I received sometime last year. They are some Napoleonic Ottomans that I received from One Tree before they were sold. It was a sample pack that the owner threw in with the two books on the Ottomans that I bought from him. They have been sitting on a shelf since I got them. For some reason, these figures have just been calling to me and ended up on the painting table last night.

I have always wanted a Napoleonic (and WWI for that matter) Ottoman army. However, I will not be buying figures for it this year. I am still not sure which direction I will go for these. Old Glory has a good range in their 7 Years War line. Irregular has some. I think there is a French company doing some Ottomans as well. Anyway, that is a Sharp Practice project for 2013 when I get around to painting my Russian Cossacks and Jagers.

So tell me, how many projects do you tend to have on your painting table at any one time?


  1. That's a nice selection of troops waiting for a lick of paint. As for me, I've got an infantry and 2 squadrons of 15mm cavalry for the 9YW, 12 15mm British generals for the FIW, 40 casualty figures for the ACW again 15mm and around 100+ Russians for the Russo-Japanese War 15mm Irregular, I think that's it??????

  2. Great question and post! I have to play a game with myself when it comes to painting. If I have too many figures out at once, I get overwhelmed. As a result, I hide units in a drawer until it's their turn to paint. Also, I have to finish one project before starting another. I recently broke this rule and it nearly killed me to put down my new, more exciting project so I could finish the old project I'd grown bored with. Good luck on your multiple projects, you multitasker you!