Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dux Britannarium Saxon

The two Saxon veterans stared down the hill at the village below. They knew their ship had been spotted and this confirmed it. A force of Britons had gathered in the center of the village. They were close enough that they could hear the speech of of the mounted officer in bright and shining mail. One of the two, Citrix, had been a foederati soldier for the Romans in Gaul. Using what he learned he attempted to interpret for the other Saxon.

Pointing at the officer he described what he heard, "You see the fellow in the armor, he is complaining about the pond below the town over there. He keeps talking about the Ducks Below Them. They need to get the men together to fight us off so they can deal with those Ducks."

Obelix looks looks over to his friend with a dubious expression, "Really?!?"


With the release of the play test rules of Dux Britannarium from the TooFatLardies, I was prompted to finish off my Saxon army. I really have enjoyed painting these. I finished basing all but seven miniatures. So I decided to post a few pictures of what I have done. All of these miniatures are Splintered Light minis. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Starting with the missle troops. These are a pair of javelin throwers and a pair of archers.

Next up are the warriors. These are the generic medium infantry armed with shields and spears. I have 18 of these guys painted up.

OK, so that was blurry. Lets try again.

Next up are the companions or heavy infantry. I have 12 of these guys ready. All are armed with spear shield and some with swords or axes. I need to finish basing some of these. The ones that are not based need a coat of wash of some kind. I played with a home made magic wash on my WWI Russians. More on that later.

Here is a closer picture of the same guys.

Lastly are my big men and champion. The big, bare chested guy is the champion.

And the same again.

In the picture above, we have a glimpse of my two shaman that I painted up for my Saxon force. I have not figured out how I was going to base them yet. These figures are great. One guy has a big snake around his neck and the other is dancing. The Big men and champion figures are also fun figures as well. They are full of character.

Lastly, there is the leader of my Saxon force. I really like this figure. Not sure if the shield design is accurate for Saxons but I saw it on another site and really wanted to do the same thing. It was facing sideways but I dropped the figure and broke the shield off. When I glued it back on, I realized that I put it on sideways from how I had it. Oh, well. Still, my favorite figure of the bunch.

What about the Romano-Brits, well they are still on the painting table but progress is definitely being made. Take a look and let me know what you think.


  1. Chris, I can't see any of your pictures, they're just white squares, this may be why you've no previous comments.
    I also sent you this link on the WD3 forum.
    Try this link, it may help.

    1. Hmmm.... Do you still see just white squares? I see the pictures when I view it. I have tried with IE and Firefox.

  2. My previous comment went though without the captcha, so I guess you've already figured it out! Nice one!!!