Friday, September 9, 2011

Reassessing the Project Bin

In my continuing fight with my Wargamer's Attention Deficit, I am struggling with what to work on next. The CY6 Game this past weekend has gotten me back interested in North Africa again. Inter-library loan has once again come through and I have Christopher Shores book on North Africa again. I am looking to expand the supplement I wrote with the first few desert actions leading up and through Operation Compass. Fortunately, there is some new scholarship out there concentrating on the Italians for this period. In support of this I have purchased additional Pico Armor aircraft. I picked up 9 CR.42s, 9 MC.200s and 8 SM.79s. The fighters are multi-part models which are slightly daunting but not nearly as daunting as the thought of painting them. What I have found online gives some references to the camo patterns but what I need is something more explicit. Does anyone out there have a painting guide that gives some specific paint colors and a how to on these camo patterns? At the same time I am working on scenarios for the Italians on the Eastern Front during August to December 1941. This has been fun to research but is requiring me to learn some Italians in the process. With 4 years of High School Catholic education, they never taught me any Latin. The standards dropped post Vatican 2. While it made the experience less painful at the time, I sure could have used that now. Then there is still the frigate. Boldly taunting me from my painting table. My wire cutters are nearly worn out and each wire I cut is bent at the end and needs to be straightened thus slowing the process. I will get back to this by the weekend.


  1. click the link below, you may find something here useful!

  2. Thanks Ray. That is a great guide for infantry. However, I am looking for aircraft. Specifically CR42s, MC 200s and SM.79s as this is what I have several of to paint.