Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well the blog has actually reached 3,000 page views. Not too bad. This has proved to be a fun way to motivate myself to paint more.

I just picked up a JR Miniatures Stalingrad building online. It is the two story building corner with stairs leading to the second floor. I am very happy with the purchase. Now I just have to paint it up instead of leaving it as it is like most of my terrain.

Can someone offer any tips on painting ruined buildings? I am not sure really where to start.

Oh! Update on the East Front Mud & Blood. I have 8 scenarios finished for it as well as all of the text for the Austro-Hungarians and Russians. If I can carve out some time, I can get this finished in a few days.

The Dark Ages rules keep cropping back up with interest on the Lardy list. So instead of finishing a project, I dabbled with that a bit today. Trying to figure out how many scenarios to include with it. Not really sure.

Well, at least this kept me distracted from missing out on Historicon this year.

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  1. Congratz on the 3k! The JR Stalingrad building are all superb, my mates got several of them them, sorry i'm not sure how he painted them.....