Friday, July 1, 2011

Coastal Patrol - Figurehead Merchantmen

The last post featured the Italian MAS boats. Now I have completed some merchantmen.

The tanker is a small coastal tanker of some 750 tons. The ship is was modeled after is the Ben Read. This must have been a hard luck ship as it ran aground twice in its career. The second time proved fatal to the tanker.

Then there are two trawlers. These to my eye looked similar to the Canadian Battle Class trawlers. So I painted them using their gray scheme.

The last of the merchantmen is a tramp steamer modeled after the Belford. This is the same length as the tanker as the original was 135' in length.

I am experimenting with adding additional waves on the base other than the bow wave and the wake. I am not sure how well this is turning out.

These should prove to be useful for coastal games. Next on to the British.

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