Thursday, July 7, 2011

It strikes again

I finally have an evening to paint and relax last night. The 1/1250the scale ships are painted. All that is left is to paint the bases on 4 Vosper Mk II's and 4 MAS 555's. Below is a bad picture of where I am with these. I used the glue to use for waves. Also there is the submarine that I made for use. I created a cut piece of plastic to use as a superstructure and glued it to the base. I will use it as a model for one of the Italian ocean going subs.

So I reach the cupboard and pull out minis to paint. I reach for... 15mm French WWII. Hmmm.....

Well anyway, the painting went well. I managed to have two painting guides. One from Flames of War and the other from Crusader miniatures. I happened to have the paints listed in the Crusader guide so I went with it. The uniforms and great coats are all painted as well as the small packs and helmets. This was done for 8 men armed with VB launchers, 8 riflemen and 6 NCOs. These are all Peter Pig minis. Below is a truly awful picture of the miniatures on my painting tray. These were in a poorly lit garage and taken from a cell phone. I probably should delete it but I promised myself that I should add more pictures to this blog rather than just my lunatic ravings. So I guess it stays.

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