Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saxon Comparison

I just received two packs of miniatures from Syr Hobb. They are two command packs from Outpost Wargame Services. The Infantry command pack is rather nice. It has a Saxon with a war dog, a drummer, two officer types looking focused, a shaman and a standard bearer.

The picture is not too clear but it gives some idea of what they look like. The shaman's pose is fun. Reminds me of the Cornwell "Arthur" books from his description of their gyrations prior to a battle.

The Cavalry command pack was disappointing in comparison to the infantry pack. There were 3 mounted figures. all the horses were in the same at rest pose and the riders were all the same figure. The only difference was if they held a spear or a standard. The standard is nice. It is a bulls skull with a banner looking item beneath it. I will definitely use the standard bearer but I am not too sure about the other two. In my opinion, the Splintered Light mounted Saxons are far superior.

As noted, I already have a decent collection of Saxons from Splintered Light Miniatures. I took one more bad picture to compare the two lines. The SLM standard bearer in the picture is at a disadvantage as I did not glue the skull to the standard yet. I also placed the shields from each of the manufacturers next to one another. The Splintered Light shields are much larger than the Outpost ones. Not sure which is more accurate but I like the look of the larger shield.

The Dark Age rules are really shaping up. We have a tentative title now: Grim Men & Sharp Swords. Much better than the nonsense I had earlier. The title was Gary's idea so he gets the credit there.

Up next will be revisiting Sharp Practice with Napoleonics. I wonder how the rules will work as written.... :)

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  1. I like the idea of the figure with the dog on a command base. Looking forward to the upcoming Sharp practice post. I bought the rules last weekend and have only flicked through the rules at the moment.