Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to the AWI

Just received an order I placed to Peter Pig last week. That was very fast delivery. I guess the Royal Mail issues from December are over now (lets hope).

I picked up their pack of dead AWI troops (5-59). There are three different poses and they include several figures with floppy hats that would be useful for militia dead. They look like they will be great fun to paint up. The next pack I picked up was the "Happy Workers" pack (5-54). Again very nicely cast figures. They will make for a nice civilian addition to AWI games. There is a little flash left on some figures but not enough to discourage me form buying more. These along with the Blue Moon F&IW minis should give a nice mix of civilians.

Also in the order was a set of sheep (21-35), some Oxen (21-33) and some dead horses (21-59). The dead horses seemed like a good idea to use for cavalry charges in SP as horses can be killed while the riders live to haul off their saddles and wander away. Now I remembered, I hate painting horses. The sheep look like well sheep. They will probably see more use for my Dark Ages games. Why not pigs instead? Ah well, I run a kosher farm. The Oxen are rougher casts than the others and the horns are separate pieces from the oxen themselves. I will reserve judgment on these until I paint some.

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