Sunday, February 20, 2011

Productive Weekend

By the grace of my Mother-in-law, my wife and I had a wonderful date weekend. Started with a nice dinner at Chops. Saturday ended with my wife reading and told me to go paint. Who could ask for anything better.

So taking advantage of this I set to work in setting my ACW Yankees to rights. I managed to get more than 32 infantry done and dipped in Army Painter strong tone. I also have the next 32 set to go on painting sticks. I also began to base my 16 Union Zouaves. Those are still my favorite miniatures that I have in my army.

My Confederate Infantry is just about complete. I have a 64 man Infantry company with big men (a captain, two lieutenants and two sergeants). I have to finish basing 16 infantry figures and they are done.

I did get to do a little (very little) painting done on my Early Saxon army. Thus far I have managed to paint a whopping 10 unarmored spear men. Only 35 more of them to go.

I think I have an excellent chance of actually completing my ACW skirmish armies and my Dark Age skirmish armies this year! Possibly by summer.

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