Thursday, August 20, 2009

SP and ACW

This week I have found a gold mine of Drill Manuals for the ACW on and These are awesome sources for things well out of print and best of all - they are free downloads. Definite money saver there. They have both volumes of Hardee's manual for Infantry as well as the progression of Northern manuals as the war progressed. In addition to infantry manuals, they have some Cavalry manuals as well.

What was fun is that is lists out the proceedures for skirmishing and the formation to use. I think that a sample scenario set similar to what Rich did in Stout Hearts would be interesting to demonstrate the tactics that the sides would have been trained in.

I am planning to order some of the Perry 28mm ACW plastics for this period instead of my normal 15mm.

In looking at what I already wrote in the Ball's Bluff scenarios in the Summer 2009 Lardy special I was thinking about the Rebel Yell Card. Should this be more than allow a volley and charge? I have found numerous references to where Northern units (especially green ones) would panic at the sound of the yell and scamper off. Should we add a test to this? Say any troops that are Regular or less quality will take 1d6 of shock per group of rebels using the Rebel Yell card? Would that make it too powerful and unballance the scenarios?

Enough for now. Back to work.

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