Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mud and Blood Terrain

Well I decided to try to create some trenches. Equipped with the handy dandy guide provided in the recent Lardy special, I have purchased some foam and some thin plywood at my local Lowes. I am gaming M & B in 15mm but decided to go with the 2' by 2' squares for the trench complex. My next step will be to draw out the trenches. My thoughts are to do two squares of trench lines and two of no mans land. The No man's Land will have some shell holes connected by some impromptu trenches to give my Germans some cover.

Anyone have a good reference for what French Trenches looked like?

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  1. Everything I've read tells me that the German trenches were the envy of the allies. The French in particular were a bit remiss in sanitation and general condition of their trenches. Great opportunity for all those 15mm scale details to "mess up" the French trenches.