Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharp Practice for the AWI

Well the scenario contest is over. We have seen the first two winning submissions. I can't wait to see the others. It is always interesting to see how other utilize groups and Big Men in Sharp Practice. The Shockley's Rockets scenario is a fun read and looks like a fun game. I will have to try this out at some point.

But I continue to think about using SP for the AWI. I started looking at the events of 1780 in South Carolina after the fall of Charleston. It has many actions that are perfect for SP. The Loyalist forces become stronger with more "regular" provincial units being present and almost no Continental troops present - I do love militia. So I once again decided to work on a scenario booklet. This will serve as a follow on to "This Land Divided."

The booklet will follow one of the featured heros of "This Land Divided" - Colonel Elijah Clarke. The Rebel militias of South Carolina were divided into several distinct commands. With Colonel Francis Marion in the Southern swamps, Colonel McDowell in the Northwestern part of the state and Brigadier General Benjamin Huger in the Northeastern part of the state. Colonel Clarke was part of Colonel McDowell's command and operated in the piedmont of South Carolina until he decided to retake Augusta, Ga.

I will follow Clarke around from the Fall of Charleston to his attempted seige of Augusta. The first scenario I have started work on is the Battle of Musgrove's Mill - August 18, 1780. This one should be an interesting battle as it is chock full of Rebel militia that is rather well led. It was an all volunteer force that included many of the Over the Mountain men that would later win at King's Mountain. A large number of officers volunteered for this attack on the British garrison at Fair Forest so there are more officers present than would normally be there with a group of its size.

The British/Loyalist contingent is equally interesting. There are some local loyalist militias and a large number of provincial troops. The Provincials were equipped and paid by the Crown so they were much more professional looking than the local militia or the Rebels. The tempation is to require a huge table to allow the forces to maneuver but that would not really recreate the battle very well. I am still tinkering with it in my head. So it is not quite ready for the light of day yet.

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