Friday, March 24, 2023

Slow Updates - What a Cowboy and Dawn of Iron

For What A Cowboy, my Mexican faction has been glued to a base and primed. I am still amazed at how well the detail held up on the models when shrunk to 15mm. I have no idea when I will get around to painting them. I have made multiple attempts to print horses and mounted versions of these figures. All have been failures. The legs on the horses end up being too fine and either don't print or end up at the bottom of the resin tank as they snap off during printing. These too come without a base. My thought is to add a base in tinker cad to the horses. That and possibly figure out how to thicken the legs. I have not bothered to print the riding figures yet. If I get this done, I need to look into making casualty figures for each of these. Not sure how I will do that.

I have saved off all of my supports from my printing efforts so far. I intend to make some forest sections with them. I just haven't had time to attempt that yet.

Dawn of Iron I am now only missing a mast set for the CSS Jamestown and a good print for the USS St Lawrence. When I went to prime what I had, I didn't like the way the hull had turned out. I do have one good print of a vessel in that class. I managed to glue the masts to the second USS Minnesota class ship and the USS Congress. I now have most of the vessels at least primed. Shouldn't be too much more work to have everything primed. I have enough vessels and the first version of their cards printed out to have a game. I also printed and primed some splash markers. I have no idea what I will do with those yet. I will likely use them for Coastal Patrol as well.

Anyway, these two projects are coming together. I have terrain ready for What a Cowboy. Most of the terrain that I have is paper terrain from Eric Hotz. I really like those models. If I spent more time on them and added raised details, they would be really nice. But since I haven't been able to convince my son to get into any of the games we have had so far, I am unlikely to invest money in MDF terrain for a project I probably won't play.

Not much of an update.

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