Friday, February 17, 2023

3D Printing

I managed to get some nice prints done with my new printer so far. The first print I did was of the USS Cambridge, the CSS Raliegh (stand in model) and the CSS Harmony (stand in model). Everythign turned out really well. However, I was using regular resin. The smell was too strong and I switched after that to a water washable from Sunlu. It took a number of prints to get things tuned in. The water washable gave me a good print of the USS Minnesota and the CSS Jamestown. I only lack prints of USS Congress and the USS St Lawrence. Fortunately, these are the same class ship and I have the STL files for it.

I am also anxiously awaiting the release of What a Cowboy. To prep for it, I am looking at a Mexican gang to add to my existing unit of Peter Pig minitures. I checked out 3d Breed's models and purchased their set. I printed the foot minis and am happy with them so far. They look good. I should have added a base in Tinkercad first. I still need to see how well I scaled them to match with my existing Peter Pig.

Well, it is a start. I also have mounted versions of each of these. In addition, they come with two different horse variants each. Seems like their miniatures are really nice so far. I am happy with it. They need casualty figures though.

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