Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year 2023

Once Again, we have reached the time when we need to buy new calendars. Happy New Year, dear reader. I am attempting to focus my time for the upcoming year that is already seeing scope creep.

Seven Years War - Skirmish

At the scale of Sharp Practice, having a multitude of poses for skirmisher figures is a thing I am looking for. Since I am looking at the April 1759 actions in Bohemia, I am struggling to find appropriate figures.

I have some painted Prussian Jagers that I purchased off of Ebay. They are all in firing poses. They have the advantage of being painted and based. They are based in blocks of 4 figures, two accross and two deep. I prefer single based figures. The figures are kneeling and stanging firing figures. The figures are likely from Old Glory 15s. While my other purchased (but not yet painted) miniatures are either Eureka (Prussians) or Blue Moon (Austrians).

The Grenzers from Blue Moon look good in variety and in poses. I had purchased the skirmishing pack and the command pack. These just arrived recently and have not been base coated yet. My Prussian musketeers are from Eureka and are all marching poses. Which is probably fine for regulars. These are base coated but no other paint has reached the miniatures.

I have been looking at the miniatures from Henry Turner. These are STL files and could be promising. In the off chance that I get a 3d printer for Christmas, I was told that he has just released some Austrian skirmishers on his patreaon that will go to other sites in January. If that is the case, that may sort out some Croat/Pandour troops out for the Austrians. Wunsch's Prussians encountered a large number of "Croats" upon crossing the border in their advance.

The other troop type that I need are Hungarian troops. Among them were the troops from the Arch Bishop of Mainz's regiment Kurmainz Infantry. I will probably go with Blue Moon for these.

One terrain item that I need is a powder magazine. At this point, I have not been able to identify where the powder magazine in Peterswalde would have been. I am attempting to make one similar to one I found that was in a fort from the period. It is across the country from Peterswalde but it should do in a pinch.

ACW Naval

The plan is to print and paint some more ships for the Dawn of Iron rules. I am waiting to received the wash solution before attempting to start printing. I did pick up some books that should prove insightful on actions along the eastern sea board but I have not read them yet.

Terrain Beautification

I watched Rich's great video on his Burma build. It got me motivated to look over some of my older terrain pieces. One that sticks out is a Game Craft Miniatures factory building that I assembled a while back. I won't claim to have painted it. It is too basic for that. I plan on going through my existing buildings and seeing what I can improve. I also have a set of Impudent Mortal 15mm buildings that they did years ago that is still unopened. I plan on modifying these to look more Middle Europe that could be in Bohemia for my SYW project. As always, I will also try to make some more trees. Just dropped some money on eBay towards this.

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