Friday, December 9, 2022


My Blue Moon order arrived. I picked up a pack of civilians from their Pirates range and Skirmishing Grenzers and Grenzer Command from the Seven Years War line. The latter will be the start of my Austrian Army for the Seven Years War.

I believe that I have a campaign picked out that I will work on for the Seven Years War. The Battle of Peterswalde April, 1759. This is an interesting action as it featured mostly skirmish actions on both sides. The Austrians were defending and had a number of garrison troops while the Prussians had considerable amounts of light troops that raided forward deployed magazines of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

I have found near period maps of the area. These were featured in the First Military Survey Maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Below is teh excerpt of the map from

I am keen to look at the forces commanded by Johan Jakob von Wunsch. His Wikipaedia entry indicated that he was a skilled leader of light infantry.

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