Monday, November 1, 2021

3d Modeling and Playing catch up of TerrainTober

With Christmas around the corner, hobby time will be shrinking. I have been very motivated by the Roll a One wargaming blog. His terraintober efforts have been amazing. Please give it a visit. Some are outstandingly simple but very effective. Anyone should be able to build something in there.

Two projects that captured my attention were his Coalburner's hut and furnace. I looked at the final shapes and wondered if I could make something like that in Tinkercad. I spend some time and came up with something workable. They would need to be sanded and flocked but these could work.

The boards on the top of the furnace didn't come out as well as I wanted but I think work alright. I made these on a 50mm round base and a 50mm square base. I will keep tinkering on these pieces and eventually load them up on my PayHip site as a download.

I also made a compost bin that will fix on a small Flames of War base. It will need the debris added to the structure to finish it off.

I have done a Chicken Coop as well. I love the chicken coops that I recevied from Things from the Basement. But they are VERY small. Looking at Roll a One's example, I decided to give that a try. I also attemtped to make it look like it was made from boards. This was slightly tedious. I didn't bother do make them on the egg box on the back of the coop. I might go back and change it after printing it. Or I might try to use a sharp knife and carve them in. That could be a bad idea.

I am not the best modeler. But I think once tarted up with paint, sand and flock, these will all be nice additions to the table.

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