Thursday, August 12, 2021

WOJE Part 182

It feels like this project never ends. I have started flocking the tree tops for the tall pine section. So far, it looks pretty good. I am sort of following what Luke Towand (sp?) posted on his blog. I have 2 colors of flock to use. The problem is, I don't have a proper spray glue. I am concerned that what I have is going to fall off. I need to head to the Home Depot at lunch and take care of that little detail.

If possible, I will get pictures of where I am with this on Saturday. If the thing turns out OK, I will make at least one more of the large sections and then several smaller pieces. The thought is to have several 6" x 6", some 6" x 3" and a couple of 3" x 3" section of tall pines. I may not have enough trees to pull all of this off. I am using 1/4" plywood for the base as I have a sheet of it in the garage that is more than enough for my plans.

What I will do different next time is to spend more time sanding the edges of the base. I really was lazy with this effort and the result is poorer for it. I can throw some clump foliage next to it to help it blend in better on the table. The results thus far seem acceptable. For the base, I just need to dry brush the tree trunks for the first piece to be finished off.

I have primed a 15mm Piragua and a Scout boat. I plan on equipping the scout boat with a pair of swivell guns and will be rigging it. I don't have crew for these ships yet, but I am not convinced that they need it. I will probably change my mind at some point. The Piragua will be unarmed. I will likely rig it as well. Both will have 2 masts and fore and aft rigging. I will be testing out the rigging instructions that I included in the WOJE book. I'll update with pictures when done.

What is missing? At this point, I think I have enough terrain done or nearly done. I have a river to make. I will be using a plastic sheet that is painted on the underside for the river. it will be over a foot wide and over four feet long. This should be plenty of river for a Scout Boat to navigate. I am keen to get this scenario on the table as it has captured my imagination. I will start laying out the tables with more than the painters tape that I use for play tests. With any luck, I could be running a game or two soon.

Hopefully will have a better update over the weekend.

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