Monday, August 9, 2021

Forward Movement WOJE

I managed another swamp section and a canoe. The canoes that I have are from the Blue Moon pack Indians in Long Canoes. The term long is relatively misleading. They can hold up to 5 Indians that come with the pack. Four rowers and a musket armed indian per canoe. Two canoes in the pack. I am happy with the miniatures but really need larger canoes that hold more.

I have made great progress on the test forest section that I am working on. It is a section that is 12" x 12" in size. The base is ready for painting now. The tree trunks need a dry brushing as well. The tree tops are the question at the moment. I am unsure if they will work. What I can't find is my can of 3m Spray Adhesive. It is eluding me. I know it is here in the house, just not sure where.

This is where I am at the moment with the forest section. Plenty of painting to do. The tree tops need to be flocked. I have primed it since then. I need to make several more sections.

I will be working on a 15mm Scout Boats and a piragua. Also have the other canoe to paint. Might get this done this week. Who knows?

Quick Edit, finished painting the basing of the forest. What shows is I am terrible at Drybrushing. Completely terrible.

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