Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ukrainian Village

All of my Things From the Basement Buildings are now complete (chapel and well). I also finished off that Star Fort Miniatures Water Mill.

Things From the Basement has a few more items that I want to order. #1 - Their windmill. It looks great. #2 - Outhouses. I need many more. So far my village has to share a single one. I can see that being a health and safety issue that even the communists wouldn't go for. #3 - Their fence packs. this is my only complaint about TFTB. The fence packs do not have enough fences to be practical. I need a bunch of them. I plan on using theirs for interior fences for animal pens and the like. They are really nice but not enough.

Speaking of fences, I have ordered some 46" of fences from Blotz along with a pack of tombstones as I do not have a graveyard. In terms of terrain items that I need to do, I think I am done. I have a ruined Red Vectors village that is now glued together. It is a bit basic but should paint up well. They match their regular village pack and can be used to hot swap buildings as they take damage. So that is on the "want to do" next list. I also have 2 more tiny chicken coops from Things From the Basement. I also found some haystacks that I should paint up.

After that, it is laying out the terrain for the Second Kharkov campaign. I am starting with Scenario One. This is a big hill with a Balka (dry river bed - the Ukrainian version of a wadi I guess). To accomplish this, I had the idea of cutting up a thin exercise mat and layering it up. The problem was, someone had already chopped up the mat I intended to use. I want to blame someone else but no one else did.

Plan B involved Home Depot. I found some 14" x 48" x 1" foam sheets. it came in a pack of 6 of these for $15. I bought one pack (foolishly) and thought it would be enough. Well, it is not. I did the bottom of the hill and part of the second level. I need another pack. I should have that finished by Sunday.

The plan is to have a 1" thick exercise mat as the base. Then pin the hill structures to it. Then cover and pin a ground cloth to the under structure and decorate that. All in all, it should be workable.

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