Sunday, May 5, 2019

Finished Balka

A quick trip to Home Depot sorted out another pack of foam and some better cutting tools. It was pretty easy to finish it off.

Here is how I went about it. I started by trying a thin exercise mat. But there were only 3 pieces of it left. Not nearly enough.

That prompted the first trip to Home Depot. I picked up some insulation foam that was 14" x 48" x 1".

I laid this out over my base material (a thicker exercise mat) an drew out the shape of the hills and balka.

Then it was just the cutting to be done. The first layer was the hardest. One pack allowed me to do the first and most of the second layer. Another trip to Home Depot and another pack of foam with better blades allowed me to quickly knock out the rest of the cuts.

Once the cuts were done, I pinned the ground cloth in place. It came out rather well.

All in all, I am rather happy with the outcome. I managed to play through the game with an interesting outcome. More on that later.

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