Friday, March 15, 2019

What a Tanker - Wrecks

I bought several bags of Gaming Models blowouts a long time ago. I started looking at these for wrecks to use with my WAT campaign. What I have are two T-34 hulls with tracks and three different turrets (M1942, M1943 and T-34/85). None are particularly useful for the earlier models that would have fought at Kharkov but the M1942 should be close enough. I need to figure out where to place the damage and then base and paint it up.

The next bag is a T-25 pack with two hulls and Six turrets. Two are conical turrets. Another is the KT turret and the other two are what I think is the 1938 model.

Next I have two BT-7's. These have only two turrets but they are nice sculpts.

The Germans are next. I have Panzer IIs with four turrets and three hulls. Some of the turrets have broken pieces. Still to use for wrecks, they are ideal.

The Panzer IIIs are interesting. There are two late war variants with side skirts. Only two turrets so these are not useful for Kharkov. But will be for late war actions.

Panzer IVs are two hulls with four turrets. Of the turrets, two are short barreled F1 or earlier versions. Then there are two long barreled versions (F2s). These will be perfect for Kharkov as the short barreled versions were used by the 3rd Panzer Division. The 23rd Panzer Division had both short barreled version and the F2 variant. A company of tanks were lent to the 3rd Panzer Division from the 23rd.

The tanks all have one noticeable defect, the pins on the bottom of the turrets are missing. There are plenty of blemishes and bits that need to be trimmed off. Still, these are great models to use as wrecks. The plan is to paint these up as burned up wrecks. They can be used as markers or terrain pieces for Chain of Command too. Or to replace destroyed tanks.

Too sick to work on anything today but it should be a simple and quick project.

On another item, I bought two sets of wooden dice for What a Tanker. These are really nice dice but I question some of the images used on the dice. But they are the cheapest option for custom dice for WAT. A Sandwich for the wild results seems odd. The fire side is perfect, it just says Fire. Reload has two shells on it. Spotting has a pair of binoculars and Aim is a crosshair. Move is another strange one as it is a lightning bolt.

That is it for today.

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