Monday, March 4, 2019

Messing About with Terrain again

I had a free day this past weekend and grabbed some brushes and went to work getting some terrain finished. I didn't finish much but got started on plenty.

I got an outhouse and a metal roofed barn completed. I didn't undercoat either of these. I am not sure I like them but I don't dislike them enough to do it over.

Then some of the work I started on but didn't come close to finishing. There are some large swampy sections and a bunch more rural Ukrainian buildings.

One of the images shows an attempt at making a thatched roof. I am close to abandoning this effort. Not sure it is achieving the effect I am looking for. Worse, the think dried clear instead of white making it harder for me to tell what it looks like.

These last two I finished earlier and forgot to post about them.

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