Friday, December 7, 2018

Wild Lands Store Update

I finally broke open the package I got from them and started to work on the buildings. I put together two of the similar ones. The first was a two story building and the second was a single story version of the same building (to my eyes at least). I dry fit them and they are very snug. These are well made and are simple to assemble. These is significant detail that is etched on to the building but that detail may be lost in how I intend to build them. The details do provide me with some ideas on making some card stock details to glue over the etched details. This should make them look less flat. The roofs are removable. There is room for figures in the buildings. There are two brick buildings as well that are assembled in a similar fashion. The assembly is simple.

These need to get some paint on them as soon as possible. They are too nice to leave alone.