Thursday, November 29, 2018

More Terrain - Wild Land Store

While cruising through Facebook the other day, I ran across a company called Wild Land Store. These guys seem to operate exclusively from Facebook without a separate web page or store. He has some very nice eastern front terrain for sale in 15mm. Most of their terrain is geared towards 28mm. He stated that I was the first to order any 15mm from him in years. Which is a shame because they are really nice models. They required payment through something I had never heard of before Transferwire. The payment interface was not the easiest to use. But even i was able to mostly figure it out.

Today I received the buildings. What I bought was:
wooden house - 3,27
brick house 2 floors - 6.45
the house is not brick 2 floors - 7.66
brick house 1 floor - 3.76
the house is not brick 1 floor - 4.43
ruins1 - 3
ruins 2 - 3,56
factory ruins - 4.33
telephone poles 10 - 2.46

The prices were very reasonable. If all goes well, I will be working on these before Christmas. They are sharp looking buildings that were shipped flat packed. As a stamp collector, I was very pleased to see that he shipped it with actual stamps instead of the usual postal sticker we are seeing more and more of.

Here are some of the images he sent me of the buildings in our PM on Facebook.

He is operating out of the Ukraine. If you do 15mm terrain, please give him a try.

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