Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Fleet Expands

Just got in my Langton order from Waterloo Miniatures here in the US. These are 6mm or 1/300 scale ships. They all come with crew. The launch and the jolly boat come in sailed or rowed versions. I was looking to make civilian small craft out of them so I got the sailed versions.

I went ahead and labeled the picture so you could see what each of them are. These will match up well with the Sea Dog Studios Brigantine and Bermuda Sloops that I have. I may use the British Gunboat as a pilot ship for a scenario that I am working on. What the heck, lets describe the scenario.

July 1775 - Off the Coast of Tybee Island, Georgia Colony

The Rebels have intercepted communications detailing the arrival of gunpowder and arms that are to be sent up the river to supply Loyalist units and to bribe the indians to fight for the British. Letters from the British Governor of Georgia have been intercepted that detail the level of rebellion in the colony and have been replaced with false letters assuring the crown that the colony is under firm crown control. Georgian Militia and Naval units meet up with South Carolina Continentals meet off the coast of Tybee Island in preparation to intercept the cargo of powder. The Georgia Naval element consists of the Schooner Liberty of 10 guns under the command of Captain Oliver Brown. He has a crew of fifty men and a company of Georgia Militia (20 men) to act as Marines under the command of Captain Joseph Habersham.

The South Carolina contingent is floating on two barges with twenty members each of the 1st South Carolina Regiment. These were under the command of Captains Barnwell and Joyner. The barges had a naval crew of 6 and 9 men respectively.

The Governor of Georgia sent word to British Florida that the powder shipment needed to be defended. St Augustine dispatched HM Schooner St John to wait for the packet ship from England. The St John was under the command of Lieutenant William Grant and mounted six guns. Lt Grant was an active captain and ran down three ships while waiting on the packet from England. But he missed the arrival of the packet ship Phillippa. (possibly a brig due to the amount of cargo she was hauling)

The Phillipa arrived on the 8th of July and was immediately spotted by the Rebels. The Phillipa anchored off of Tybee Island to await the arrival of a pilot boat to guide her up the Savannah River. When the pilot boat arrived (possibly named Little Carpenter), the rebels moved in to attack. SC infantry fired on the Philippa and demanded her to surrender. They boarded both the pilot ship and the Phillipa and took them to Cockspur Island where a force of 300 South Carolina Continentals were waiting to unload her cargo. The cargo was divided between Georgia, South Carolina and the Continental Congress. The Rebels managed to seize 16,000 pounds of powder, seven hundredweight of lead bullets and a large number of firearms meant for the Indians. The Georgians and South Carolinians divided the plunder between them and departed. Of South Carolina’s portion, 4,000 pounds of powder was delivered to Congress in Philadelphia. Of the 9,000 pounds seized by Georgia, 5,000 pounds were similarly sent to Georgia. The Phillippa was sent on to Savannah on the 12th of July and returned to its master.

Period Map of Tybee Island from

I want to try this out using two different sets of rules. The first is my modifications to Kiss Me Hardy that handles ships below the rate. The second is Sea Dog Studios "SailPower 2.0" rules. Both should handle the scenario rather well. The only thing holding me back is my painting slowness. I want to include some land elements in the scenario particularly Cockspur Island since there are all of the SC Continentals waiting there.

The scenario is a modest size one
British Order of Battle:

HM Schooner St John6x 3pdr guns30 crew0
Packet Ship Phillipa2 swivel guns20 Crew0
Pilot Ship Little Carpenter10 Crew0
Rebel Order of Battle:
GA Schooner Liberty10x 3pdr guns50 Crew20 Marines
SC Barge 1-6 Crew20 Marines
SC Barge 2-9 Crew20 Marines
Anyway, this is what I am working towards. I have most of what I need for the scenario already. I am thinking of having random shipping appearing that will need to be spotted. The entrance to the Savannah River was very active with shipping at this point in the war and would continue to be throughout the war with privateers from both sides prowling the water ways.

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