Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reinforcements for North Africa

After the game last week, I broke out my North Africa aircraft. I had a quick game of Check Your Six to get the rules stuck in my head. As I reviewed my aircraft, I started thinking about what I would want to add to my aircraft.

First, I inventoried what I have.

ItalyCr4236These were a pain to assemble
ItalyG50bis63These were simple to paint up.
ItalySM7917I copied aircraft with no camo pattern.
GermanyBf109e Trop816Simple pattern to paint. Slight megalomania as I wanted a complete Staffel of aircraft.
GermanyJu87B Trop353 of the unpainted really just need markings.
UKHurricane Mk184Had wanted to do a squadron of these.
UKTomahawks84One of the unpainted has an accidental hole through it.
UKSpitfire08These are for later in the war.
So, as you can see, I have a nice selection to start with. But I was lacking some aircraft for some scenarios that I wanted to do. Basically, not enough bombers. So, I went shopping. My Picoarmor order just came in. It is great.

ItalyBr203Nice clean castings.
ItalyBa658Neat little aircraft that did not fare well.
GermanyBf110C8These should be fun.
GermanyJu88A-13Should be a nice little bomber.
UKMartin Maryland3Nice bomber for the Brits
UKBlenheim IV3This was an impulse buy.
I also placed an order with Tumbling Dice. I am waiting on some Blenheim Is, Caparoni 310s and some Hs126s. Now to take some time to paint them. I also checked and I only have 14 flight stands so the possibility of doing larger actions is unlikely.


  1. What at you using for flight stands. I have TB and O8 aircraft and was uncertain how to base them.

  2. Sounds like a well thought out plan Chris, good luck!