Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Well it's been an exciting week. With the launch of Action at Ustilug, it has gotten me focused on finishing my terrain for the Kharkov supplement. I have gotten some good feedback on the TFL forum about some missing items that I will try to round out with the Kharkov supplement. But I need to get cracking with the terrain.

I am focusing my efforts on the rail station scenario terrain. I have a solid idea on what to do for the passenger platforms. I picked up an HO scale passenger walkway at the local train store. It is a nice piece but fiddly. I have it mostly superglued together. What I needed was the passenger platforms that they would rest upon.

I stole the idea for the platform from Matt. He purchased some laminate tiles from Home Depot that looked reasonably like concrete. They come in 1' by 2" lengths. I cut them into 4" wide by 2' long strips. I will have to do this for two of the tiles to get the station to cross my games table. I intend on mounting these on some wood to keep them flat. Then mount them again on a long board to keep the whole thing stable. This will also give the train track bed some depth from the passenger platform.

For train tracks, I purchased a bunch of them from Mark IV Miniatures. I just got the straight lengths. I will have four sets of 4' long track sections to paint up. I just need to figure out the spacing between the passenger platforms to have room for the double track lengths.

Once this is all together, I can start to worry about the train station. I have assembled the structure that I will use but I have not painted it at all. All of this will occupy about half of a 6' by 4' table. The rest of the table will be generic urban buildings.

The Squirrel Moment

I was trying to save my pennies and buy a shapeways Soviet train in 15mm to go with the station. But the TFL yahoo group was all in a flutter about Rich mentioning that he was thinking about doing a Roman version of Dux Brit. That had me out in the garage looking at my roman figures. Thus far I have an auxilia force of 16 men painted with an optio, signifer and a cornicen. I have figures primed for another 16 auxilia. Reading about Rich's plans saw my Paypal account balance drop as I bought a couple of Rebel Miniatures Auxilia packs to round out this force. I really need to figure out how to stay focused on projects.

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