Thursday, October 22, 2015

Santa Clause - My Update

I finally figured out what to get my target. I am quite pleased with what I am getting. I am hoping it is both useful and not something that they would have gone out of the way to get themselves.

I also checked in on some roads that I had ordered from Battlefield Accessories USA. The owner responded quickly and gave me a status update. I can't wait to get these in. They are stiff resin roads and he is painting them for me. The owner had sent me a painted sample of an intersection a while back while I was searching for the Perfect Roman Road. Well, his roads were close. They have a nice curb molded into the piece and a slight curve to the road. It will be my Go TO road set for my eventual Roman Dux games. They should blend in well with my other recent road purchase that I posted about earlier. What none of these will match with are my Battlefront Cobblestone roads.

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