Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Planning Stages - Cold War gone Hot

Having received my Secret Santa present, my mind is whirring on what to do with it. I have three full squads of Cold War era Brits based on the TO&E that I found online. I need a few more packs for the Platoon Command section and four vehicles (FV432) to round out the base platoon. But what supports do they need or would likely have available? I am really unsure of what to get or even what would be reasonable.

For the Soviets, I have started expanding their forces. My order just came in from Eureka USA. I have a tripod mounted HGM and one of those automatic grenade launchers. Both only have a crew of 2 at this point, but a couple more guys with AKs would round them out. Both of those would be battalion level support elements. I am not sure what other support I should get them. Any ideas?

I also picked up their models with the Soviet equivalent of the M203 strapped under an AK. Not sure when those went into use with the Soviets. It may not be appropriate for an early 1980s force. Eventually I will buy some more armor for them. I want three T-62s and three T-72s for the armor. Enough that there is a platoon each. At the moment, I just have a single Syrian T-55 to proxy in.

My US force is coming together. I have ordered the miniatures for the infantry and am still waiting on them to arrive. I received my IrishSerb M113s. What I lack is armor and support weapons. What would be useful for troops based in Europe in 1982 or so?


  1. Is this any use?
    British Orders of Battle & TO&Es 1980-1989


    1. Thanks. I will give it a read. I think it will be at a higher level than I am looking for but it is a starting point.

    2. http://coldwargamer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/orbat-1980s-british-bg-part-7-infantry.html


    3. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you