Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting Progress and Question of the Day.

This week it has been terrain. I have managed to paint up some more plank fencing to go along with my one test section. Of the 10 that I have, I am now up to a whopping 5 pieces painted. This was a neat buy that I found on e-bay a while back. Since then, I have found a few other similar auctions. I found a few other similar auctions out there that have corners and gates that I plan on bidding on. I am slightly worried that they won't match what I am painting but not that worried.

Next up is one of the JR Miniatures ruins that I bought over a year ago. A very nice ruin that I have forgotten which of the Stalingrad line it is from. It has a spot for a propaganda poster on it that I have painted up. A week effort with just a hammer and sickle and CCCP. Not even sure if the Soviet Union was using that designation yet in 1941. Anyway, that is easily corrected if someone points out that it is incorrect.

The first couple of pictures are using the flash. Next I fooled with the brightness setting on my phone. Not quite sure that this was an improvement.

Still have a bunch of trees waiting in the wings, another JR ruin (the French Corner Cafe one) and of course more fences.

Since I have a pile of stuff still to paint, I decided to order some more stuff. I found Gamecraft miniatures which seems to be the US version of 4Ground. I bought one of their factory complexes. It looks rather nice in the website. It should take up considerable real estate on the games table too. It measures in at 12.67" long by 8.76" wide and 4.64" tall. At $13, it is a good value. The downside is that it is one more item to be painted.

The next purchase, my Father's Day present to myself, is the Mark IV miniatures Urban Brick House with Tin Roof. They don't take Paypal but e-mailing Jeff, he agreed to take it as a payment outside of their shopping cart system. So I now am eagerly awaiting the two items.

Here is the question of the day for our viewers. For towns in the Ukraine circa 1941, what were the streets made out of? Cobblestone or something else? It almost looks like if from some of the other pictures that I saw but I am just not sure.

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