Friday, July 13, 2012

New Toys!

What a fantastic week hobby wise. It started with a package received at work on Monday. Within were two really nice painted east front buildings from an e-bay auction. I am very impressed. I was able to buy these two painted for less than the cost of buying one unpainted even with shipping from the UK. (Pictures are below)

Next, I received a ruined Isba from Battlefield Accessories that I had ordered. It is a nice model that came with the chimney separate from the base of the model. As you can see, the only work I have done is to glue the chimney down on the model. Hopefully I will get to paint it soon. It matches nicely with the size of the two isbas that I received from the auction too.

Then Thursday, I received the biggest surprise. A package waited on my doorstep when I came home from work. Bringing it inside I discovered to my absolute delight was some nicely painted figures from Terry. Earlier this month, Terry asked me how my East Front CSIR project was progressing and if I needed any more figures for it. I had no idea he was going to send me miniatures.

I unwrapped a platoon worth of Bersaglieri. Enough to use for a dismounted Motorcycle Platoon for either IABSM or TW&T. These are very nicely done.

I have a motorcycle mounted platoon that is still sitting on painting sticks in the garage waiting on a coat of primer to get started. I have been intimidated by those models for some reason. These figures are ideal and will be perfect for some of the scenarios that I have in mind.

If that was not enough, there was another platoon worth of infantry in the box. It instantly occurred to me how I would use these. I will use these figures to represent the Battalion Esploratori platoon that was attached to each infantry battalion.

They were the reconnaissance force that was the forward eyes of the infantry. From what my research has shown, the Esploratori platoon was formed by an officer and his batman/runner and three squads of 14 men each. All of which are rifle armed. No light machineguns in sight. Which partially makes sense as they are to spot the enemy and not to engage him.
I am just blown away by Terry's generosity. Thank you sir.

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