Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Miniatures - East Front WWI Russians

Just purchased my first World War I figures the other day. OK. Not entirely true. I have some French and German figures that I got from Minifigs USA before they disapeared but I was extremely disappointed in them and did nothing with them.

The new figures are a pack of Peter Pig Russians. Seven riflemen and a pistol waving officer were in the pack. The pack contents probably makes sense with their Square Bashing rules but they are not nearly as helpful for someone looking to use them for TFL's Mud and Blood.

I really like the figures. I managed to put them on a painting stick and prime them. I received some painting advice on the Lead Adventure Forum but it was from painters far more skilled than I who utilized a much more multi-layered approach than I would attempt. Lets face it, I am a lazy painter who is color blind. I need something closer to color by numbers for me to get close.

So, if anyone has any recommendations, I am all ears. I normally paint with Vallejo paints. I am looking to model a force for the 1914 to 1917.

Anyway, it is one more thing to distract me from my East Front WWII scenarios and painting my Italians for it. Once it is primed black, does it still count as an "Ooohh Shiny" moment?

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