Thursday, December 15, 2011

East Front Italians

I have started to complete out my IABSM Infantry company of East Front Italians in 15mm. I have a platoon ready to go but I need another two platoons. One thing that I have been wondering was the use of the 20mm Solothrun Anti-Tank Rifle by the Italians in the East Front in 1941. I have not found any references as to its use in the history of the 80th Infantry Regiment so far. As such, I am thinking that they may not have had them.

Does anyone have any information that would show if they were there? In my searches, I did find some interesting things. One was that the 100mm artillery that the Italians had seemed to be an effective anti-tank gun. The WWII In Color forum had a picture of the damage to a turret of a T34 caused by one. It is below but I do not know who to give credit to for the picture.

Without the ATR, the infantry really does not have a decent AT weapon without their artillery being deployed rather close to the fighting. It would be good to find out if they were used that early in the Ukraine. Apparently the Hungarians used the Solothrun and they operated close by the Italian units.

Anyway, the supplement for the Italians is shaping up. It has a title, "For the Glory of Rome" which comes from the praise that the Colonel of the 80th Roma Regiment gave to his men after one of their first battles on the Eastern Front. The first scenario is done and the outline for four others are done as well. Well, back to work.

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