Monday, November 7, 2011

Tinkering with Terrain

What little hobby time there was this weekend, I was able to make a few small terrain pieces. I need more trees. So I started with this in mind. I began to create a small orchard, a small wooded area and an open field. I began each of them with a section of fiber board (have no clue of the name of the stuff anymore. It is the fiberglass board that they make computer motherboards with). Then I glued the bases of the Woodland Scenics trees to it. Then covered the whole mess with a mixture of Elmers glue, sand and small fine rocks - all mixed together. Once that dried overnight, I painted the result with a Woodland Scenics ground paint. and flocked it. The small stand of trees came out quite nicely.
The orchard still has work as I did not have a chance to finish out the trees. I just finished the orchard out last night. The Raw Ochre Woodland Scenics paint, when dry, left some of the sand from the glue mixture a lighter sand color than I wanted. I repainted those areas. It came out better than I expected.
The field is also not done. Here I was experimenting with a scenic kit that I had purchased. I had some standing grass that I attempted to use. That was a miserable failure. I ripped that up and glued a bush over the attempt. I will add some more bushes on it later. It is supposed to be a spot of rough ground with a path. The rough ground was finished out with an additional tree.
The pictures came out so bad, that I will have to update this later with new ones. I had some time and tinkered with some trench sections that Terry had given me about 4 years ago that I had sitting in a box. I have several more pieces to work on but this was just a couple of test sections that I needed to try out.
Well, the pictures are up. Please let me know what you think and what I can do to improve them. I have several more wooded pieces that I want to do to have a decent stand of woods for my table.


  1. Sounds interesting, get the camera back out and try again!!!

  2. Your wish is my command. I updated the post with the pictures I took last night.