Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a week for gaming.

Well after an excellent game hosted by Mark, I have had quite a weekend.  The first game was Thursday night.  It was an Eastern Front Scenario where the Russians were defending the bridgehead that they established on the Vistua River.  The scenario was based on the writings of Evgenii D Moniushko, then a Junior Lieutenant in command of an anti-tank gun.  He described several "episodes" of his experiences on the Vistula River including a Nebelwerfer (sp?) attack, the tactics used by the Russian AT gunners, killing a Tiger tank at point blank range and attempting to attack a PZIVH hidden in a barn with a grenade bundle.  It turned out that the tank was not there but these elements made for creating an interesting scenario.  I dropped the rocket attack from the scenario.

The scenario pitted a Russian platoon with two MMGs and two anti-tank guns against a panzer grenadier platoon, and three panzer IV H's, an off board Tiger I and a Tiger I in reinforcement.

I played this scenario twice.  The first time was with 15mm miniatures on a 6' x 4' table.  There the Russians held out for most of the game but were eventually overrun. The second time I ran the game it was at Mark's house using his 6mm stuff.  We reduced the measurements from inches to centimeters.  The table was still 6' by 4'.  

It was an interesting comparison.  The 15mm game moved much quicker.  The Germans were able to advance rapidly to the Russian positions.  In the 6mm game, the Germans did not advance as quickly.  The AT guns could reach out at a much longer distance to stall the advance.  

Both games were fun.  I think the 6mm game felt right in terms of the engagement distances but the 15mm game played faster.  I will continue to use 15mm for TW&T based on this.

The third game was Mark's IABSM game at Giga-Bites in Marietta.  That scenario was a Russian river crossing.  The Germans were defending.  I played the Germans and managed to stall out the Russian advance.   All in all, a great week.

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