Saturday, August 21, 2010

Picture Time

I have not posted a picture of any miniatures in a long time. Here are some pictures of some Provincial infantry that I have been painting. These are the first few. I will be painting these in a total of four 8 figure groups with two foot officers, two standard bearers, a drummer and a mounted officer.  The regimental flag was taken from 

The next picture is of the Colonel of the regiment.  Unfortunately this one came out rather blurry.

I will try to get around and post a better picture of this guy.  He looks a litter better in person than the picture lets on.


  1. Nice looking figures Chris. The flag looks cool too, What Regt is that?

  2. It is supposed to be the New York Volunteers. Not sure if the flag is correct. I took one from some provincial regiment from New York that had the right color and thought it was close enough.

  3. Well they certainly look nice.