Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chain of Command playtesting

It is exciting to see that TFL has decided to go with the WWII Mud and Blood variant next. I am very interested to see how the game play will differ between their existing rules Troops, Weapons & Tactics.

Using the existing Mud & Blood rules, I am thinking of doing a scenario for France in 1940. The scenario will be an attack on Ville de Fromage by a German Motorized Infantry Platoon accompanied by a early STUG III. The destroyed town will be defended by a platoon of French infantry supported by a FT17 (provided I can paint one quickly). I am thinking of keeping the prone to break down rules for armor in place for the FT17 as it is a Great War vet.

I will then replay the scenario using TW&T just as a comparison. I have the initial scenario blocked out. Just need to find time to run it.

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