Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Gaming

Well, Saturday proved to be a very good day. Met with Jim, Rick, Mark and our host, Robert to play a game of Flaklighter. Having never heard of the rules before that moment, it proved to be a fast and fun game. I commanded a group of 3 S-151 class German S Boats. Great fun all around. I managed to sink one British ship at the cost of well, all of mine. One ran aground after a critical hit to the steering. One took a critical hit to the engine room and it floated off while under heavy fire. And the third was destroyed as it closed in on a final British ship. The good news is,we blocked the Brits from completing their mission. Not sure, but I think I remember Rick loosing 2 of his three ships as well. The British lost 2 of their 3 Logs. I don't think any of Mark's ships suffered any serious damage.

Once I got home, I started to work on a game mat for Bag the Hun. I managed to complete a 3' by 4' section with another 3' by 4' portion to go.

A discussion with Jim and an e-mail from Terry after the game spawned another idea for Sharp Practice. I am thinking of a campaign for the AWI. Each player would play a colonel raising a regiment of militia. Depending on the side you are playing you could get possible supports from either Regulars or Continentals or other militia. The main idea is to get players to think beyond the current scenario so each one does not become a battle to the death and rewards strategic thinking. I really ought to finish on of the other 6 projects that I am currently working on first though. What are your ideas on how to accomplish this?

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