Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Land Divided's 8th Month in Print & other nonsense

Well, since its publication in August of 2009, This Land Divided has sold 141 copies! I am quite happy with that. For a campaign that covers a marginal segment of the AWI, that is actually quite good that 141 copies actually sold. I must admit, that this has the best name of any supplement that I have published. I just wish I could take credit for the name (thanks Rich). Hopefully, if I ever finish it, the follow up to it should do a little better as it covers the war in South Carolina. But I have not had any enthusiasm for it at present.

I just finished a campaign for Bag the Hun 2 that covers several of the principal battles between 1941 and October 1942. We will see where that goes.

The only other things in the works are a campaign for Troops, Weapons & Tactics related to the siege of Hill 192 in 1944 and the follow up to This Land Divided.

So, what do you think I should finish first? The Campaign for TW&T or the sequel to This Land Divided?


  1. Ooh a campaign book for TW&T? I'll be up for that. I'm just getting back into my 28mm stuff so it's perfect timing :)

  2. It will cover a very short period of time - only one day. Basically it will follow one company of US infantry that will move through the bocage around Hill 192.