Monday, March 15, 2010

Bag the Hun 2 Over North Africa

I am really enjoying the 1/600th miniatures from Tumbling Dice. I have painted up 8 P40s and started painting another 8 Hurricanes. I just drilled and added magnets to 12 Bf109Es and another 8 Ju87s. And I base coated these.

Giving into temptation offered by reading about Kev using these, I made a purchase on Ebay of some Axis and Allies ships. I will have to use these for the next game.


  1. Chris have you got pics of how you add magnets?
    me, I'd be scared drilling a TD as they're so small!

    Ive just been epoxying a magnet to a flat spot or making a flat spot as a last resort

  2. I would normally use a pin vise but... I seem to have lost all 3 that I own.

    I found from KJ Magnetics, some 1/16th diameter magnets. Tiny little things. But they go great on the 3mm magnets that I have glued on my flight stands and will support the weight of the 1/600th fighters.

    So, I found a 1/16th drill bit and threw it in my cordless drill. With it at a low speed, I put the bit to a spot close to center line of the aircraft on the bottom and started with a slow speed. I check the depth once I get some metal shavings appearing. This is a trial and error process. I managed to put a hole all the way through a P40 on my second aircraft. Nearly got a finger as well. Ooops.

    I typically will not drill it deep enough to get the magnet flush. Just enough to give it a place to go. I will try to get a picture or two. Once you get the hang of it, you can work pretty rapidly with the cordless drill. Much faster than a pin vise will allow.

    I probably should use epoxy but I just go with superglue. The drilled divot seems to hold them rather well.

  3. ta for the info..
    which code were the magnets from KJM?
    I've got some D203's

  4. The product id is: D101-N50. Here is the product page: