Friday, February 12, 2010

Bag the Hun 2 and other things

Well, I have just seen a copy of Bag the Hun 2. It looks great. In celebration of this, I have purchased some 1/600 scale aircraft from Tumbling Dice. I will use this for a North African campaign I have been working on. The campaign is about 80% complete. I have 12 BF 109s, 8 Ju87s, 12 P40Es and 12 Hurricanes. Now while I am waiting on these to arrive, anyone have some suggestions for painting guides.

On other fronts, I am still working on a campaign for TW&T based on the 38th Infantry Regiment's attack on Hill 192 on July 11th, 1944.

Lastly, I am still kicking around another AWI supplement for Sharp Practice.

Now if I can only get a game in.....


  1. Chris, I hope you can make my game next Saturday. Terry was hoping for a SP/AWI game but I believe I'm going with the 6mm IABSM. Mark

  2. will gather up some painting info for you for,

    got a few good sourcebooks esp for luftwaffe

  3. this weeks been bloody hectic chris youre still on my todo list..
    I've decided to make my next effort after 1940 a WDAF effort following RAAF 3 Sqn and te RAAF 45x EATS Sqns in the ETO/MTO.. so i've good reason to dig them out :)