Monday, January 25, 2010

WWII Campaign

I am thinking of doing a "Platoon Forward" style TW&T campaign. I am looking into the Actions of Easy Company, 38th Infantry Regiment US Army on July 11th, 1944. They were part of the attack on Hill 192.

Opposing "E" Company was elements of the III Battalion, Falschrimjager Regiment 9. A half company occupied a farmstead known as Kraut Corner. They were further supported by some armor elements in the town of Cloville. Depending on the sources, the armor was a Panzer IV and some form of self propelled gun. One marked this as an 88mm gun on a Panzer III chassis. In my thinking, this was likely a StuG III or similar vehicle. "E" Company was supported by tanks from B Company, 741st Tank Battalion. One was a dozer tank and the other had a cullins device.

I just picked up a FOW Sherman Dozer tank and a StuGIII & PZ IV just for this. I am still thinking how to make the campaign work.

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