Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Wargame Vault Deal of the Day

Well I have received notice that my East Front Bundle will be the deal of the day on Nov 1st, 2023. I just need 2 more sales for it to hit the Electrum rating. Back when I set the bundle up, I did it incorrectly and the ratings do not reflect down on the individual products within it. Thus the individual books should have a much higher number of sales. But if you can pass the word to your friends, it would be much appreciated.

Work on the To Covet Glory scenarios has stalled out. I have two books I am reading to complete out the Convoy scenario that I am working on. One is an analysis of the sunken merchantmen near Yorktown. And another master's thesis on the merchant shipping coming in and out of Yorktown in the 1700s. Both are interesting and offer some interesting details. I am still trying to work out how to make it a reasonable scenario in terms of ship numbers. I think it will end up being a large scenario reguardless.

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