Sunday, June 11, 2023

What a Cowboy - Painting Progress and Campaign

Made some painting progress over the weekend. It was good to be able to have the time to paint. I managed one 3DBreed miniature. It is the town drunk figure that they give away for free. He has his jacked partially off and is staggering with a bottle. It was a fun miniature to paint and will become a townsfolk for the mining camp and the town.

I did a few scenic items as well. I finished a small mine entrance and some cacti on desertish looking bases. I tried using contrast paints for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by them. I think I may try some more of these. Also painted up some camp items that will go on a base for a mining camp.

I also started on some bases of some animals. I printed three horses successfully which will be mounts for some mounted Mexicans. Also printed a cowboy horse holder with three horses. I have four Texas longhorns to paint up as well.

For having only played one actual game, i really like these rules. Enough that I started a historical campaign for them.

I am looking to model the Second Battle of Adobe Walls. This is rather ambitious considering that I have absolutely no plains Indian figures. The historical battle pitted 28 buffalo hunters against a force of some seven hundred plains indians. It boiled down to a series of cavalry charges against men in adobe and sod structures. The indians took casualties over the course of three days before pulling out. But the incident has a number of smaller surrounding actions as well. I can see these leading to an interesting campaign.

I am looking at 3d Breed again to pick up the miniatures for this project. I think I have some ideas about how to carry out the campaign and split up the battle into three separate actions. Anyway, still doing the research for this and it may end up with the pile of other half started projects on my hard drive.

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