Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Spanish Navy - War of Jenkin's Ear

Here are the updates to the oared galleys for the War of Jenkin's Ear. I have one of the full galley's in good shape. I have to glue and paint the yards. You can see one clipped on. The others are coming along.

The Brig is taking shape for the second time. I am getting close to having it back in shape again. I have a few others on the tray in worse states of assembly. I am steadily making progress.

I also have undercoated a model of the CSS Virginia and some sprues that I will use as a 1/600 scale forest. In the coming week, this should get some attention. I did finish painting the USS Monitor. This continues to build my 1/600 scale ACW navies. I also placed an order on Shapeways for three more vessels. I am looking forward to seeing these.

Next up is the Fort that will stand in for Fort St Simons. If I have enough spare materials, I will do something for Delegal's Fort as well. Fort St Simons will be interesting. Instead of a palisade, they used barrels filled with sand that were topped with spiny vines. Not sure how to represent that.

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