Tuesday, July 6, 2021

New Prints for To Covet Glory - WOJE

I just got back some new prints from a resin printer. They came out very nicely. I have some 1/300th Fusta models and some 1/100th Scout Boat and Piragua models. These are so much cleaner than my filament printer. The revised sculpts of the Fusta model came out great. The benches are fixed and the line where I had cut and rejoined the original Galley model are barely noticable. The Fusta without the stern canopy is without a cannon in front. Not sure how I missed that. No idea why it is that way. Surely a mental collapse on my part.

If you notice the prints of the Scout Boat and the Piraguas are bent. In pulling these from the printer, they bent. This is because the models are very thin. They lack the heavier bottom of the Fusta model. I think I can heat them up with a hair dryer or with hot water and get them straightened out. These pictured are the larger 1/100th scale models. The smaller 1/300th had the same isssue. However, the first batch did not. It could be due to the care with which they were removed. Since I don't have that printer, I don't know the answer to that.

All in all, I am very happy with these. I am close to having all that I need for the scenarios. Next step is painting them.

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