Friday, June 14, 2019

To Covet Glory - Now in Hard Copy

I have just received my preview copies from Amazon. IT looks really nice.

I picked up three copies for myself. Unfortunately, Amazon has decided that proof copies should have a big "NOT FOR RESALE" tape across the front of them. It used to be a nice way for an author to get copies of his own book and only pay printing costs. Its a shame but nothing I can do about it.

I made the choice not to release it as a Kindle version as I don't think the kindle version is as friendly to the wargamer. You can't really print from it and charts don't always translate well. So I am sticking with PDFs for electronic versions. This is more likely to be a vanity project for me as it probably will not sell well. But it is nice to have.

Anyway, if you are interested, head on over to Amazon and check it out.

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