Saturday, February 9, 2019

Recovery Time

Well back in the hospital again. But I am finally feeling well enough to do a little more research for the Second Kharkov campaign. I am searching for terrain ideas. One rabbit hole led to another and I found a site on the history of vodka in Russia. Through that there were some interesting stats and a picture of an Ukrainian vodka still. Seems that home brewed vodka operations out number legit ones in Russia by 14,000 to 121 or something like that. So a still will be a terrain feature for my East Front terrain.

In the article it mentioned that in rural areas vodka was a common method of payment for goods and services. In the Ukraine in 1941, following the Stalin famine survivors would probably have used a similar medium of payment. So there is decent choice.

I also have been scanning area German aerial photos of the area around Kharkov. I have some ideas on the layouts for the villages. Some progress made despite everything else.

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  1. Man, sorry to hear you were sick again. Hope to get you out to a game soon.